NO Last chance Poker Run!!!! BUMMER

We will not be having the Last Chance.  We get to use the Vantage Property once a year now.  So the next event will be in March.  We know the dates but can not tell you till the November NMA meeting to lock in the date for the NMA Poker Run series.  See you in March.  


If you know land that is avaible to put on events like the Last Chance, Pleae let us know so we can contact the owners and be able to bring you two great events a year.  



Also look at the NMA web site for all the Poker Runs happing in 2016.  


NMA Event Calendar


Make sure to become an NMA Member.  Here are a few good reasons to become a member. They are working to preserve and protect the rights of Off Road Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Also if you are a member and you sign up to be apart of the NMA Poker Run series.  By showing up and riding each event you can win great pries at the end of the year.  


Sign up now at


Then keep an checking back for the Poker Run series to be posted at


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